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Essential Electric is one of the top power distribution suppliers in the United States. As trailblazers in the power distribution sector, our area of expertise lies in need-it-now parts such as circuit breakers, motor controls, fusible switches, bus plugs, transformers, and fuses, to name a few among the 60,000 (new and recertified) items that we stock. With our industry-leading services, unmatched customer services, a 30-day return policy, or a gold standard 2-year warranty; we make the process of purchasing power distribution equipment an easy task.

Superior Customer-Oriented Service

We know and believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate key to victory. We ensure it in our day-to-day functioning. Our team has a combined industry experience spanning over three-quarters of a century, making us specialists in what we do. With one of the industry's most driven and knowledgeable sales staff, our team lives to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. We nail the art of providing a fulfilling customer experience by delivering you the correct part, on time, as fast as you need it. 

Impeccable Services Delivered On Time

 With after-hours emergency services, we are always on your beck and call to help resolve any electric distribution issues that might arise as a surprise. We are available to help our customers 24 hours a day. Equipped with one of the largest inventories in North America, we have multiple ship points across the country to access our customers quickly. This accessibility makes us stand apart, as our services are prompt, quick, and efficient.

If you ask us, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to power distribution parts. Whether you're looking at new or obsolete power distribution parts, we got your back. If you're unsure of which parts you need, we can also help you understand your power distribution situation. With the help of our knowledgeable service team, we will provide the best solution to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We take pride in helping you get the best of our products by standing behind everything we do or sell.

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